Wellness Relaxation Lounge by IFC – relieve stress automatically ;-)


The Wave wellness and relaxation lounge by (IFC) International Friends Corporate automatically relieves stress with its euphoric surroundings. The lounge welcomes and embraces its occupants with serene settings and an opportunity to escape to a world of beauty, comfort and pleasure. The set includes a low-table, a few chairs and three large screens, which create a peaceful, stress-free atmosphere with the soothing sounds of nature. The Wave Lounge can be installed in private homes so you can unload all your burdens on a daily basis. Just sit back, relax and watch the captivating images as they roll by on the large screens that provide a panoramic view of the various elements: water, fire, land and air. It’s like drifting from reality into a fantasy world where your enjoyment, relaxation and fondest desires are free from interruption. Tasty sweets and Japanese organic specialties are offered along with soft and sweet perfume fragrances to enhance your experience. Exchange your stress for continual peace with the Wave lounge.