Unusual Lamp Designs – outer space lighting fixtures by Altlucialternativa


With the intriguing appearance of outer space objects, the unusual Sense table lamp by Lo Studio and Shandy pendant lamp by Archirivolto and G. Scarselli bring brand new concepts and designs to the lighting fixtures. Made out of lacquered ceramic material, the Sense table lamp will add tasteful diversity to any room you place it in. The lamp will also attract constant attention due to its unusual shape and design. When you look at it, the most notable feature is the curved surfaces, which give the lamp a unique sense of identity. The bright ceramic material produces a shiny diffuser that is decorated with a cluster of darker cracks by applying the “craquelé” technique. The light shines from under the diffuser allowing for more concentrated light. Plus, a hole in the fixture contains a small glass vial used to release sweet-smelling aromas.

The Shandy pendant lamp boasts a clever and innovative design, distinguished by its exquisite aesthetic appeal. Opposite to the Sense, this lamp hangs from the ceiling and provides efficient light over the desired area. The lamp’s exterior is made by lacquering the colors green, gray, silver and blue. Made out of acrylic material, the light diffuser does a great job of refracting light. Check out these two items at Alt Lucialternative.