Thermochromic Pot – changing colors indicate temperature


To stay on the safe side, the Coral thermochromic pot by William Spiga and Juliana Martins changes colors to indicate the temperature of the pot. It’s easy to burn a finger when the stove is unlit but the pot is still hot. Sometimes one quick touch can trigger a severe burn. That’s why a thermochromic pot, one that changes color when the temperature changes, is the safest and most practical way to go. While the pot is on the stove, you can watch it transition from cold to warm and from warm to hot. When the pot is boiling hot its outer frame will be covered with red spots, which signify the intensity of heat. If the pot is cool, you will see blue spots dotted around the frame. Now, you will know when to turn the stove up or down. And, the handles on the side of the pot slide off easily, enabling you to serve food in a more efficient manner. This also allows you to store the pot in tight spaces without being bothered by the length and inconvenience of the handle. The thermochromic pot will transform your cooking experience forever. Via Yanko Design.