Standing Desk Workstation – Ergonomic Laptop Tower LT by Ursula Maier

With tremendous form and functionality, the new standing desk workstation – Laptop Tower LT – by Ursula Maier presents a clever way to maximize your work habits. This standing desk, appropriate for use at home or office, allows you to stand or lean while using your laptop. The innovative tower design of the LT helps you to work ergonomically. Its compact size also saves a lot of space, offering you more room to move around, and the convenience of filling the same work space with other pieces of furniture. Functioning as a laptop stand and a place to read write, or deliver business presentations from, the LT flexibly suits your needs. Due to its user-friendly capabilities, the desk can be adjusted to fit your reading posture. It comes with a lighted, pull-out laptop shelf with a mouse-pad, four shelves, and sockets to accommodate small printers and projectors. And, the LT receives its electricity from a single transparent cable that won’t cause clutter. The desk’s exterior is covered with an attractive blend of veneer and paint in different styles known as “veneer partitas”. Check it out at Ursula Maier.