Space Saving Furniture: Fitness Equipment & Storage Ideas by Lucie Koldova


The space-saving furniture designed by Lucie Koldova presents multiple clever ideas for small spaces by combining fitness equipment with storage furniture. As a furniture unit, there are many shelves and compartments you can use to stack clothes. If you desire, you can also store books, photo albums and any other household item you think of. As a space saving fitness equipment, the unit permits a full body workout whenever you want. It comes equipped with multiple handlebars that allow for thorough stretching and pull-ups. Tone your muscles to perfection every morning, and then grab your work clothes from the storage shelf. There’s no need to buy weights; with resistance ropes and the built-in bars you can burn pounds, tighten the biceps or chisel the triceps. The items on this unit are characterized by geometric elements and simple primary forms. Check it out at Lucie Koldova.