Sonos BU130 System streams audio from the web

The Sonos BU130 System can draw music from your PC, sound system or off the Internet without requiring a PC. BU130 provides access to streaming online audio services, including Rhapsody, Pandora, Sirius and Napster. The system has it’s own wireless network. The controller allows you to browse and play your music collection from anywhere in the house or in the garden. You can play the same or different songs at the same time in up to 32 locations around your house. Sonos streams music from your PC, Internet radio and music players wirelessly to speakers around your house. To set up the system you turn on each unit and press a button to register it as part of the system. Turn off the music upstairs when you’re downstairs. Change the song in the bedroom from the kitchen. The controller lets you see play lists, look at album art and get individual information on each track. The Sonos BU130 System was recently voted best digital audio system by Cnet reviewers and costs $999. Sonos