Robotic Cleaner for Inground Pools – NC51 Nitro Wall Climber by Smart Pool

The Nitro Wall Climber NC51 by Smart Pool is a robotic cleaner for in-ground pools that will remove the dust, debris and remnants of nature that float around your pool. This smart robotic cleaner sweeps across the floor and walls, cleaning all areas beneath the waterline. Thanks to intelligent navigation, no amount of dirt can escape the NC51, which eliminates the 75% that gather across the floor and the remaining 25% that crowd the walls. The special design of this product allows for a wider cleaning range with 50% faster cleaning coverage. Increased suction enables the cleaner to successfully vacuum leaves, acorns, twigs and various types of debris. Although the NC51 is a lightweight product, weighing only 8.5 pounds, it packs heavy technology, possessing the ability to avoid obstacles and the misfortune of getting stuck. You can choose your preferred method of cleaning; the one-hour rapid clean or the three-hour systematic clean. Another great feature is that the NC51 cleans all surfaces, including tile, concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. When you’re ready to dispose of the dirt, you’ll find that the quick drain system, which allows for easy-lift removal comes in handy. Plus, this robotic cleaner is not only smart but friendly, eco-friendly, using 70% less energy than other pool cleaners. The NC51 has a 2 year limited warranty. Check it out via Smart Pool.