Retractable Kitchen Vent by RKS Design – washable and changeable


The Seasons Cooktop Ventware by RKS Design offers retractable kitchen vent systems with fun customizability options. Every kitchen needs a vent system to suck the air, smoke and moisture out of the room but many systems have dull and lifeless vent plates that drain the kitchen of aesthetic appeal. The Ventware system shatters the monotonous mould, offering decorative and colorful replaceable vent plates. In this innovative system, the ceramic face and the filter behind the vent divide into modular pieces that are about the size of dinner plates. The convenient size of Ventware plates and filters allows you to place them in the dishwasher for easy and regular cleaning. Ventware plates come in various colors and designs, allowing you to change the plates with the “seasons”. Use a Christmas design for the holiday season or a bright-colored design for the summer; it’s your choice. Infuse your kitchen with designs that reflect your personality by purchasing the Season Cooktop Ventware. Visit RKS Design.