Remote Water Quality Control by So Blue: Omeo tells all about your pool


The Omeo remote water quality control by So-Blue sends you frequent updates regarding the quality and status of your pool water. This wireless remote system keeps you posted on a daily basis so you’ll never have to stand over your pool or dip your finger in the water to discover its conditions. With the wireless display, you can check the pH level and its acidity (0 to 7) or alkalinity (7 to 14); the conductivity and its water aging or salt level; the RedOx (reduction-oxidation reaction) with its disinfection concentration of chlorine and bromine; the water level and temperature; and the ultraviolet ray index and air temperature. The display tells you all you need to know and more. You can also use the Soft-Blue software, which can be downloaded free of charge for Omeo owners, and used to send emails with information about your pool. Just plug the remote display unit into a PC, via the supplied USB cable, and all of the data will appear on the screen. By adjusting the setting menus, you can organize the frequency, the alert limit or capacity and the email recipient list. You can also receive notifications via your iPhone or Blackberry since the unit is compatible with 3G phones. Omeo lets you know what’s stirring in your pool even when you’re away from home. Visit So-Blue.