Programmable Switches that are touch sensitive, by Basalte

The new and stylish programmable switch, called the Sentido by Basalte, redefines home lighting, allowing you to activate or de-activate multiple lights by the stroke of a finger. With a smooth and sensitive surface area, the switch keenly recognizes varying finger movements and instantly provides the requested function. Lights on/lights off has never been easier. The Sentido boasts a simple exterior, polished by touch-sensitive brushed aluminum. Once you learn the various functions, you can swipe, swivel or tap your way to happiness. Each touch makes a difference. And, if you can’t find the switch in the dark, look for a bright blue light – a special feature added for your convenience. The Sentido also has a built-in temperature sensor, which displays the room temperature on the home automation system. From any room on any floor, the Sentido switch will brighten your home with new possibilities. Check it out at Basalte.