Portable Mobile Bookshelf by Nils Holger Moormann – Easy Reader

The Easy Reader portable bookshelf by Nils Holger Moormann is a multifunctional composite of a mobile cart, bookshelf and bench. Its designed for sitting, reading, loading, reflecting and relaxing, and probably has other uses yet to be discovered. The Easy Reader balances itself on one wheel, giving the effect of an old-school cart, so you can load your books onto the bookshelf and roll it wherever you please. After an exhaustive day at work, grab a book, stretch out on the bench and read yourself into a peaceful mood. Made of sturdy birch plywood, the Easy Reader is able to take all of your weight and burdens and supply you with a refreshed state of mind. Whether reading, sleeping, or just meditating, this item has what it takes to meet your needs. Plus, the expansive bookshelf provides more than enough space for you to stack up your favorites. Relax and be free with the Easy Reader.