Phosphorescent Swimming Pool by Atmosphere Piscines


The new phosphorescent swimming pool by Atmosphere Piscines allows you to swim at night without burning electricity. A phosphorescent coating known as “gel coat”, covers the basin’s surface and retains solar radiation when the sun is out, then releases it at night as a source of light. This eliminates the need for pool lights that burn electricity night after night. It’s possibly the most energy-efficient approach to pool lighting the 21st century has seen. The released light will not hinder or affect the swimmer’s vision in any way. And, if you want, the phosphorescent coating can only be used in specific areas of the pool such as, the edge or the stair nosing. This allows you to see your way into and out of your pool when times are dark. The method of vacuum injection can be used to add the phosphorescent coating. This prevents the emission of dangerous organic compounds. Enjoy an eco-friendly swim with the phosphorescent pool.