Patio Heater by Chillchaser – Poseidon: it knows you’re here …


With an innovative twist in heat technology, the Poseidon patio heater by Chillchaser offers an energy-efficient way of heating intimate spaces, both indoor and outdoor. This sleek, 6.5 foot tall device emits carbon fiber heat, a revolutionary heating system that shaves carbon emissions by 50% in comparison to gas patio heaters. Besides keeping you warm, the Poseidon brings entertainment with the IPX5 weatherproof media player, which has a sharp LCD display screen and can play music or videos from your iPod or iPhone, mp3 player and USB stick. The built-in speakers project sound with clear quality. An infrared sensor monitors bodily movements up to 4 meters away and adjusts to the surroundings. After four minutes of inactivity, the heater will automatically power off and switch back on when someone returns. The device produces far infrared heat (FIR), which targets people rather than blowing hot air. FIR heat is the healthiest form of heat and is used to maintain vitality and strengthen metabolic functions. The Poseidon also comes with a remote so adjust the heat settings from a comfortable position. Buy it at Chillchaser.