Outdoor Home Office by OfficePOD


Crafted to durable perfection, this outdoor home office by OfficePOD reserves you the right to work in a convenient office setting anywhere around the home. This “back to the future” type home office can be placed in your garden or backyard with no worries of damage due to unpleasant weather. Space won’t be an issue, there’s enough for you to think outside the box, and enough to block out all distractions and jar your focus inside the box. You’ll experience a boost in your efficiency and productivity! Speedy construction is a by-product of the outdoor Office Cube thanks to its modular design. Due to its secure locking system, security is guaranteed, even when you’re away from the office. Now you’re probably wondering how you’ll gain access to the Internet. If you don’t have a wireless connection nearby, stress not, IT and phone connectivity can be cabled to give you web access. Power travels to the cube through a discrete and secure connection to the home or garage. For the eco-conscious consumers, the Office Cube maintains a low-energy consumption level while providing high levels of insulation, and a special cooling system. Check it out at OfficePOD.