Multimedia Kitchen by SieMatic – S1 Grid infotainment user interface


Fuelled by the power of Information technology (IT), the SieMatic S1-Grid by SieMatic gives the kitchen a virtual face-lift. This multifunctional system presents an interactive touch screen that allows you to surf the web, listen to Internet Radio and iPods, watch DVD and TV programs and learn new recipes while you cook or eat your favorite meal. Say hello to the multimedia kitchen. Built-in applications include the Internet, e-mail, RSS feeds, photographs and video from your home network and weather forecasts. This system, developed together with Microsoft WPF for Windows Embedded systems, gives each S1-Grid owner their own personalized website called the “myS1 web site”. By the swipe of a finger, you can activate your Miele kitchen appliances – part of the Miele@home series – which then transmit information back to the SieMatic S1-Grid. For example, if the settings are adjusted a certain way, you can receive a progress report of the status of the dishwasher while you eat and watch the news. This stylish infotainment user interface can also be controlled from a remote control or an Air Mouse. In addition, the S1 kitchen’s numerous multimedia functions such as iPod and the HiFi system can be operated via the built-in touchscreen SmartBoard where controls are positioned at a comfortable eye-level and totally child-safe. Make your kitchen Internet and home network-ready with the S1-Grid. Visit SieMatic.