Mobile Table Lamp – BIY flat lamp by Almerich


The BIY flat lamp by the Luis Eslava Studio brings a whole new concept and design to small space, table lighting. At a first glance, the lamp’s flat, one-dimensional shape seems dull and simple but “looks are deceiving”; this flat lamp transforms into a three-dimensional, energy-efficient, source of light. The BIY is the silhouette of a conventional lamp die-cut onto a stainless steel sheet. By bending the flexible steel structure, you can mold the flat silhouette into a three-dimensional table lamp. An easy-to-maneuver cord allows the light bulb to be screwed in or out with ease, this convenient feature makes it easy to assemble and dissemble the light bulb when traveling. If you decide to switch rooms while studying or want to take your lamp with you on vacation, pull the BIY apart, lift the cord and light bulb out of the slot and take it to your desired destination. Just call it the mobile table lamp. Check it out via Almerich.