Light and Music System by Rotaliana – Diva

The perfect blend of light and communication, Diva form Rotaliana by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda presents a multi-purpose LED light and music system that will enhance your workstation and keep you thoroughly entertained. This multifunctional gadget is ideal for playing music from your iPod or iPhone. Its lightweight and smooth aluminum exterior make it easy to carry upstairs or downstairs, giving you the freedom to work or entertain guests wherever you like. The Diva does a lot. It’s an FM radio and a high quality speaker system for your computer, CD player and mp3. The four high-quality, built-in speakers are sensitive to high frequencies, always projecting a crisp sound. If that’s not enough, another socket can be used to connect additional loudspeakers. Specialized software makes it possible to optimize sound compressors and equalizers. The Diva also operates as a bright, energy-efficient LED lamp to help you get work done. Press one button to open up the lamp arm, and if you want to control the various functions from afar just use the infrared remote control. Discover convenience with Diva – visit Rotaliana.