Lamp Table Combination with LED Indirect Lighting – Toy by Martinelli Luce


Toy by Italian company Martinelli Luce blends innovation and fashion, art and function, table and lamp into one must-see combination. Designed by Milan-based Studio 4P1B, this lamp table combo offers ambient LED indirect lighting while also serving as a surface. Place it beside the sofa, in the home office, or in the bedroom as an unexpected twist on the bedside table – this table brings contemporary flair to any room in the home. And in small urban condos and compact homes, this two-in-one furnishing will be appreciated twice as much, freeing up floor space for other essentials. The Toy lamp features a white-lacquered metal frame and a translucent opal methacrylate “tabletop,” and also comes in a smaller model featuring the same interesting base but in a mini version. This cool LED lamp table combination is the recipient of the If Product Design Award 2011. Check it out at Martinelli Luce.