Futuristic Kitchen by Hartwell and Withington: Splinter Works Dime Kitchen


Inspired by a spinning coin, the Splinter Works Dime Kitchen by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington presents a clever new addition to the interior design of your kitchen. This crafty, chic product literally takes the shape of a spinning coin in motion when it’s closed, and transforms into a trendy yet quaint cooking space when opened. Made out of pure rosewood, the dime-looking sensation carries a homely appeal that will add extra charm to your kitchen. It is made out of ten blades that slide open to reveal a stone counter on which you can place your appliances. When concealed, the Dime Kitchen looks like an attractive wooden sphere attached to the wall, leaving your guests curious, then, when opened, they’ll be in utter amazement as they behold this multifunctional attraction in its entirety. This product will infuse your home with aesthetic appeal and practicality. Also, due to the minimalist size of the kitchen you will have sufficient space to go all out on your interior design. Visit Splinter Works.