Energy-efficient Ceiling Fan by Alexander Ignon: The Loft Wing


The Loft Wing ceiling fan by Alexander “Sandy” Ignon offers a creative, energy-efficient way to stay cool in a hot place. Propelled by a high-quality German motor, this fan gently moves back and forth to provide the kind of breeze you’d find on the beach. Sit back and let the Loft Wing soothe you to sleep while burning only 15 watts of electricity – a truly green invention. This ceiling fan includes a 9′-6 x 4′-6″ fabric wing that comes in an assortment of colors. Now, you can add some vibrant color to your interior design without paintbrushes or heavy furniture. The Loft Wing is a perfect fit for lofts, lobbies, large residential rooms, restaurants, and private and public buildings. Sturdy carbon fiber tapered rods help to keep the wing in perfect shape and ensure fluid motion. The Loft Wing also has high-performance ball bearings for flawless, long-lasting operation as it has been engineered from 6061 aircraft aluminum (real durable material). You can choose from a group of custom ceiling mounts the one that will fit your ceiling configuration. Check it out at Yanko Design.