Automatic Swimming Pool Cover by Aqua Life

With intriguing design and superior craftsmanship, the Aqualife automatic pool cover by MG International presents a stylish and durable way to cover your swimming poo. This innovative piece of equipment flaunts an aesthetically appealing design with various functions that make it more desirable, and can even be powered by solar. The covers can easily be installed and don’t require intense physical labor to do so – no drilling holes or adding attachments through the wall. These covers are designed to fit different styles and sizes of pools, whether liner or woodline pools, the Aqualife cover is compatible. A built-in alarm system from Sensor Espio helps to prevent pool accidents from turning into tragic events. The alarm system includes a powerful siren and a wireless indoor remote alarm that has a 100’ range. The Aqualife automatic cover also sports a new shape-cutting system with adjustable buttons and a storage model built above ground. These exclusive covers can be fitted to any shape. Aqua Life