Automatic Pet Feeders by Ergo – remote feeder


The Ergo remote pet feeders by Ergo Systems is a brilliant new technology that allows you to feed your pets from virtually anywhere in the world. If you can’t find a pet-sitter, no need to fret, just set up the Ergo pet feeder, an automatic feeder that dispenses food at scheduled times throughout the day. The kit comes with computer software that once installed, enables you to turn the feeder on or off through remote technology. Even if you’re in another country, you can use a laptop, computer or cell phone to trigger the feeder to feed your pet. While they’re feeding, the Panasonic network camera allows you to watch everything in real-time. Each kit includes an autopetfeeder, 24-hour programmable timer, dishwasher-safe bowl and a non-chewable cord. The feeder provides food up to eight times a day so your pet will be well nourished, even when no one is home. Once your computer is connected to the Insteon ApplianceLinc (automated system), which is connected to the feeder, all your pet has to do is eat and drink what’s put before them. Distance feeding is now possible with Ergo remote pet feeders, and you can even control them from your iPod… Check it out via SmartHome.