Automatic Bath Filling with Multiplex Trio E water level controller by Viega

Enjoy automatic bath filling with the Multiplex Trio E temperature and water level controller by Viega – it lets you take a bath under the perfect conditions. This complex, yet easy to use automatic controller fills your bathtub with the push of a button. The Multiplex Trio E also enables you to precisely adjust the level and temperature of the water while conserving natural resources and providing serene comfort. Press the button, step into the tub and let the water overlay your body. The circular control button can be placed on the wall or the edge of your tub while the compact mixer unit remains hidden beneath the floor of the tub. The Trio E controller also has a memory function that allows you to experience the perfect bath on a daily basis. All the functions are easy to use. Start the filling process by a light tap on the control, or, switch the settings to accommodate a hand shower by a long press on the button. It’s time to experience the bath of your dreams with the Multiplex Trio E. Check it out at Viega.