Automated Canopy Bed by Hi-Can – home theater, game room and an office


The High Fidelity canopy bed is an automated bed by Hi-Can that gives “comfort” a brand new meaning. This exclusive set comes fully loaded with functions and gadgets that will keep you happy, morning, noon or night. A specific control allows you to activate lighting blinds that close up, giving you the privacy that you deserve. If you’re not comfortable in bed, adjust the bedding controls, which move your bed into the-just-right position. The Hi-Can comes with a state-of-the-art sound system and a theatre screen that slides down to the foot of the bed. No need to leave home, you can have dinner and a movie in bed, or simply play the music that suits your mood. Plus, a built-in PC allows you to surf the web or do work while you relax. The Hi-Can canopy bed also boasts a full multimedia system with a game and entertainment console that connects to a projector and shows up on the theatre screen. This is truly a multifunctional bedroom. Visit Hi-Can.