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The Ekokook futuristic kitchen by Faltazi is a complete water and waste management system that brings an innovative shift to the storage and processing of waste and liquid in your kitchen. Through an intricate, eco-friendly system you can reduce your ecological footprint and enhance the earth’s environment. This kitchen effectively turns each waste into a new resource and each drop of water into reusable liquid. Ekokook has three micro-plant systems that help to reduce the environmental footprint: microplant 1 used for solid wastes, microplant 2 used for liquid wastes and microplant 3 used for organic wastes. The kitchen has machines that use a small steel ball to break glass for the reduction of waste, a shredder to shred paper then turn it into briquettes, and an endless screw to crush cans and water bottles. A built-in double sink with a water reservoir and two pitchers that collect kitchen water helps you to recycle clean water by using it to water your flowers and plants. A filter also comes with the kitchen, allowing you to remove unclean particles. The water device can save up to 15 litres a day. Finally, the drum-shaped earthworm composter, which is a part of microplant 3, utilizes earth worms to break down organic wastes such as left-over’s, fruit and vegetable peelings, and scrapings. The futuristic Ekokook system will truly bring a healthy and appealing change to your kitchen as well as the community and world around you. Check it out at Faltazi.

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The futuristic stainless steel kitchen by Bautek brand offers a dynamic blend of aesthetic charm with long-lasting durability. From the sink to the stove, and everything in between, the kitchen is fully made out of 100% stainless steel. Not only will you receive the highest of quality, you’ll also benefit from the sophistication that these appliances come packaged with. Now, when you’re slicing and dicing vegetables over the kitchen counter, don’t fret if your knife accidentally slips off the cutting board and chops the countertop, stainless steel can withstand the harshest conditions. This exquisite kitchen keeps a fresh, clean look without much maintenance. It also carry’s a natural sheen that exudes aesthetic excellence. Flip your eggs or pancakes over a stainless steel stove that won’t get dirty easily. And, if dirt builds up in any spot, the clean up requires very little effort. It’s almost self-preserving. Plus, you will thoroughly enjoy the functionality enhancements that this kitchen has to offer. Visit Grupfrecan.

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The Gorenie Ora-Ito kitchen by Morabito blends advanced technology with simple functionality and allows you to put your kitchen wherever you want it. This freestanding, transportable kitchen can be placed inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs, and if you move, you can bring it with you. Made from a single block of composite material, the four-ton prototype offers a sturdy yet elegantly designed haven for cooking, dining, or relaxing. And, the material is resistant to the various weather conditions, so cooking outdoors is a daily option. It also comes fully loaded with appliances that make your kitchen experience convenient and pleasurable. The collection includes ovens, refrigerators, extractor hoods, ceramic hobs, microwaves and dishwashers. The kitchen has a unique, iPod-white structure and exquisite appliances made of black glass, brushed aluminum surfaces and aluminum handles; truly a beauty to behold. This is the kitchen of the 21st century. Via Apartment Therapy.

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The Seasons Cooktop Ventware by RKS Design offers retractable kitchen vent systems with fun customizability options. Every kitchen needs a vent system to suck the air, smoke and moisture out of the room but many systems have dull and lifeless vent plates that drain the kitchen of aesthetic appeal. The Ventware system shatters the monotonous mould, offering decorative and colorful replaceable vent plates. In this innovative system, the ceramic face and the filter behind the vent divide into modular pieces that are about the size of dinner plates. The convenient size of Ventware plates and filters allows you to place them in the dishwasher for easy and regular cleaning. Ventware plates come in various colors and designs, allowing you to change the plates with the “seasons”. Use a Christmas design for the holiday season or a bright-colored design for the summer; it’s your choice. Infuse your kitchen with designs that reflect your personality by purchasing the Season Cooktop Ventware. Visit RKS Design.

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To stay on the safe side, the Coral thermochromic pot by William Spiga and Juliana Martins changes colors to indicate the temperature of the pot. It’s easy to burn a finger when the stove is unlit but the pot is still hot. Sometimes one quick touch can trigger a severe burn. That’s why a thermochromic pot, one that changes color when the temperature changes, is the safest and most practical way to go. While the pot is on the stove, you can watch it transition from cold to warm and from warm to hot. When the pot is boiling hot its outer frame will be covered with red spots, which signify the intensity of heat. If the pot is cool, you will see blue spots dotted around the frame. Now, you will know when to turn the stove up or down. And, the handles on the side of the pot slide off easily, enabling you to serve food in a more efficient manner. This also allows you to store the pot in tight spaces without being bothered by the length and inconvenience of the handle. The thermochromic pot will transform your cooking experience forever. Via Yanko Design.

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The Bemoved automatic coffee machine by Douwe Egberts gives coffee making a new look and feel. Operated by an interactive touch screen, the Bemoved allows users to make coffee without tearing packages or boiling kettles. The machine has a motion sensitive camera that detects user movements and reacts accordingly. Intelligent interfaces enable users to create their coffee from scratch by one finger. Users can drag and drop the ingredients into the cup and recall used program preferences. Another function called Shoot-Em-up, allows you to earn your coffee by jumping. The Bemoved also comes with different coffee flavours such as caramel and hazelnut. And, due to its Internet function, the machine allows you to check the stock market and share prices, real-time traffic reports, weather forecasts and updated news on the fly. Check it out at Douwe Egberts.

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Fuelled by the power of Information technology (IT), the SieMatic S1-Grid by SieMatic gives the kitchen a virtual face-lift. This multifunctional system presents an interactive touch screen that allows you to surf the web, listen to Internet Radio and iPods, watch DVD and TV programs and learn new recipes while you cook or eat your favorite meal. Say hello to the multimedia kitchen. Built-in applications include the Internet, e-mail, RSS feeds, photographs and video from your home network and weather forecasts. This system, developed together with Microsoft WPF for Windows Embedded systems, gives each S1-Grid owner their own personalized website called the “myS1 web site”. By the swipe of a finger, you can activate your Miele kitchen appliances - part of the Miele@home series - which then transmit information back to the SieMatic S1-Grid. For example, if the settings are adjusted a certain way, you can receive a progress report of the status of the dishwasher while you eat and watch the news. This stylish infotainment user interface can also be controlled from a remote control or an Air Mouse. In addition, the S1 kitchen's numerous multimedia functions such as iPod and the HiFi system can be operated via the built-in touchscreen SmartBoard where controls are positioned at a comfortable eye-level and totally child-safe. Make your kitchen Internet and home network-ready with the S1-Grid. Visit SieMatic.

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