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Toy by Italian company Martinelli Luce blends innovation and fashion, art and function, table and lamp into one must-see combination. Designed by Milan-based Studio 4P1B, this lamp table combo offers ambient LED indirect lighting while also serving as a surface. Place it beside the sofa, in the home office, or in the bedroom as an unexpected twist on the bedside table – this table brings contemporary flair to any room in the home. And in small urban condos and compact homes, this two-in-one furnishing will be appreciated twice as much, freeing up floor space for other essentials. The Toy lamp features a white-lacquered metal frame and a translucent opal methacrylate “tabletop,” and also comes in a smaller model featuring the same interesting base but in a mini version. This cool LED lamp table combination is the recipient of the If Product Design Award 2011. Check it out at Martinelli Luce.

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The Chumby One multifunctional alarm clock by Chumby keeps you connected and up-to-date with the latest of everything you keep tabs on from day to day. From the most recent news and weather forecasts, to stock quotes, to video clips, photos, games and much more, Chumby puts it all at your finger tips. You can place the device beside your bed to wake up in the morning, then take it to the kitchen for the daily news and browse your favorite websites throughout the day. It also has a FM tuner, blending the traditional use of an alarm clock with interactive web-based functions. By connecting to your wireless network, Chumby provides an instant portal to your Internet. It also boats a high-speed CPU with large amounts of storage space. And, with over 1,500 widgets you’ll always have something to keep you entertained. If that's not multifunctional then what is ... Currently, you can purchase a Chumby One for only $100. Via Unplggd.

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The perfect blend of light and communication, Diva form Rotaliana by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda presents a multi-purpose LED light and music system that will enhance your workstation and keep you thoroughly entertained. This multifunctional gadget is ideal for playing music from your iPod or iPhone. Its lightweight and smooth aluminum exterior make it easy to carry upstairs or downstairs, giving you the freedom to work or entertain guests wherever you like. The Diva does a lot. It’s an FM radio and a high quality speaker system for your computer, CD player and mp3. The four high-quality, built-in speakers are sensitive to high frequencies, always projecting a crisp sound. If that’s not enough, another socket can be used to connect additional loudspeakers. Specialized software makes it possible to optimize sound compressors and equalizers. The Diva also operates as a bright, energy-efficient LED lamp to help you get work done. Press one button to open up the lamp arm, and if you want to control the various functions from afar just use the infrared remote control. Discover convenience with Diva - visit Rotaliana.

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