Electronic Touch Panel Bath Control by Viega


This electronic touch-panel bath control by Viega puts spa-inspired comfort and convenience right at your fingertips – literally! Elegant in looks and practical in function, the Multiplex Trio E4 does away with obtrusive mechanical elements of products past with a sleek, glossy-black touch-panel design, integrating all your bath controls like water pressure and level, temperature, the hand-shower function, the drain, and four pre-programmable settings. With the simple touch of an icon, you can enjoy a customized bath. The controls are completely waterproof, protected by a layer of tempered glass, which can be mounted to the bathtub’s rim or the wall. The perfect bath is just a touch away. And if touch controls is not your thing or you don't like the rectangular shape, then there are two new round versions available - Multiplex Trio E2 and E3 - each a combination of two rotating knobs. They, too, are very intuitive and easy to use, and look sleek as well. For more info on these electronic bath controls, visit Viega.





28 Oct 2011 | Bath Automation



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