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This electronic touch-panel bath control by Viega puts spa-inspired comfort and convenience right at your fingertips – literally! Elegant in looks and practical in function, the Multiplex Trio E4 does away with obtrusive mechanical elements of products past with a sleek, glossy-black touch-panel design, integrating all your bath controls like water pressure and level, temperature, the hand-shower function, the drain, and four pre-programmable settings. With the simple touch of an icon, you can enjoy a customized bath. The controls are completely waterproof, protected by a layer of tempered glass, which can be mounted to the bathtub’s rim or the wall. The perfect bath is just a touch away. And if touch controls is not your thing or you don't like the rectangular shape, then there are two new round versions available - Multiplex Trio E2 and E3 - each a combination of two rotating knobs. They, too, are very intuitive and easy to use, and look sleek as well. For more info on these electronic bath controls, visit Viega.

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The Tub-E electronic bathtub by Wild Terrain Designs presents comfort, style and luxury in the place you need it most – your bathroom. Offered in stainless steel or copper, this charming bathtub boasts a futuristic bucket design with comfortable seating and various adjustment options. A sturdy staircase, covered in perforated stainless steel, swivels around the electronic tub, allowing you to enter and exit your bathtub in fine style. The Tub-E also has a built-in heater placed under the seat, which enables you to set tub water to the perfect temperature. Pinhole LED lights are inserted into the outer edges of the bathtub, providing light at nighttime so that your bathing experience is always enjoyable. This multifunctional system includes an auto fill, auto empty and auto clean option, allowing you to do other things while you prepare for the bath of your dreams. You can also add a number of exquisite oils to the tub during its fill cycle. The Tub-E software provides one touch programming, making it easy for you to have the bath you desire on a daily basis. The tub is also eco-friendly, as it conserves water and reduces labor costs. Check it out via Wild Terrain Designs.

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Enjoy automatic bath filling with the Multiplex Trio E temperature and water level controller by Viega - it lets you take a bath under the perfect conditions. This complex, yet easy to use automatic controller fills your bathtub with the push of a button. The Multiplex Trio E also enables you to precisely adjust the level and temperature of the water while conserving natural resources and providing serene comfort. Press the button, step into the tub and let the water overlay your body. The circular control button can be placed on the wall or the edge of your tub while the compact mixer unit remains hidden beneath the floor of the tub. The Trio E controller also has a memory function that allows you to experience the perfect bath on a daily basis. All the functions are easy to use. Start the filling process by a light tap on the control, or, switch the settings to accommodate a hand shower by a long press on the button. It’s time to experience the bath of your dreams with the Multiplex Trio E. Check it out at Viega.

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The Roca Active and Relax Bathroom by Michal Mitek transforms your bathroom into a multi-functionary interior space, equipped with items to keep you clean, entertained and in shape. Tucked beneath the floorboards, a sunken bathtub awaits your arrival. The floors slide open to provide soothing bath water and slide shut to do a few other things. This room can also be used as a gym or an entertainment center. You won’t find any windows in here; three floor-to-ceiling LCD’s that give the feeling of a movie theatre and the illusion of a panoramic view have replaced them. The LCD screens can be routed to your PC so watch the news, movies, or Internet shows in the privacy of your bathroom. And, the overhead shower rains water onto you while you stand in the middle of this luxurious haven. It’s time to relax in the Roca Active and Relax Bathroom. For more information, visit Roca.
via Yanko Design.

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This Hi-Tech Bathroom Design from Ideal Standard is a dream come true for some. "Ideal Standard International surveyed 5,000 people aged 15 to 70 from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. According to the survey, eight out of 10 of consumers surveyed currently use at least one electronic device in the bathroom. Topping the list are digital scales, and mobile and wireless devices such as MP3 players. Six out of 10 people would spend more time in a bathroom equipped for digital communications, entertainment and leisure. Eight out of 10 people surveyed plan on making a tech bathroom purchase in the near future."


Grohe Ondus faucet
Grohe Ondus faucet collection

Grohe Ondus design is meant to reduce the complexity of everyday life by presetting personalised bathing functions. Developed based on understanding of real people behavior in the shower, Ondus automated features allow for easy one-touch interface to operate your bath or shower. An icon-based user interface digitally facilitates effortless operation.

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