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Flat is a coffee table that lifts up and becomes a computer or work table. In true European fashion, Italian home brand Ozzio is embracing multi-functional furniture and presents a really cool coffee table cum workspace. Combining contemporary style with cool comforts, this sleek table is an urban essential for any compact space. The versatile Flat features a chic, patterned-glass tabletop that lifts up on stilts transforming itself into a two-tiered table ideal for your computer or as a reading and writing space. Just pull up a seat and you’re ready to work. There’s even a storage space beneath for your desktop essentials. When the work is finished and its time to relax, simply lower the tabletop, sit back and relax! Check out this sweet coffee table by Ozzio. Now available with an optional LED Kit.

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The Easy Reader portable bookshelf by Nils Holger Moormann is a multifunctional composite of a mobile cart, bookshelf and bench. Its designed for sitting, reading, loading, reflecting and relaxing, and probably has other uses yet to be discovered. The Easy Reader balances itself on one wheel, giving the effect of an old-school cart, so you can load your books onto the bookshelf and roll it wherever you please. After an exhaustive day at work, grab a book, stretch out on the bench and read yourself into a peaceful mood. Made of sturdy birch plywood, the Easy Reader is able to take all of your weight and burdens and supply you with a refreshed state of mind. Whether reading, sleeping, or just meditating, this item has what it takes to meet your needs. Plus, the expansive bookshelf provides more than enough space for you to stack up your favorites. Relax and be free with the Easy Reader.

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With tremendous form and functionality, the new standing desk workstation - Laptop Tower LT - by Ursula Maier presents a clever way to maximize your work habits. This standing desk, appropriate for use at home or office, allows you to stand or lean while using your laptop. The innovative tower design of the LT helps you to work ergonomically. Its compact size also saves a lot of space, offering you more room to move around, and the convenience of filling the same work space with other pieces of furniture. Functioning as a laptop stand and a place to read write, or deliver business presentations from, the LT flexibly suits your needs. Due to its user-friendly capabilities, the desk can be adjusted to fit your reading posture. It comes with a lighted, pull-out laptop shelf with a mouse-pad, four shelves, and sockets to accommodate small printers and projectors. And, the LT receives its electricity from a single transparent cable that won’t cause clutter. The desk’s exterior is covered with an attractive blend of veneer and paint in different styles known as “veneer partitas”. Check it out at Ursula Maier.

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The Wave wellness and relaxation lounge by (IFC) International Friends Corporate automatically relieves stress with its euphoric surroundings. The lounge welcomes and embraces its occupants with serene settings and an opportunity to escape to a world of beauty, comfort and pleasure. The set includes a low-table, a few chairs and three large screens, which create a peaceful, stress-free atmosphere with the soothing sounds of nature. The Wave Lounge can be installed in private homes so you can unload all your burdens on a daily basis. Just sit back, relax and watch the captivating images as they roll by on the large screens that provide a panoramic view of the various elements: water, fire, land and air. It’s like drifting from reality into a fantasy world where your enjoyment, relaxation and fondest desires are free from interruption. Tasty sweets and Japanese organic specialties are offered along with soft and sweet perfume fragrances to enhance your experience. Exchange your stress for continual peace with the Wave lounge.

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The Melted Clock in bed sheet alarm clock by Florian Schaerfer offers a new and innovative way to wake up on time. Etched into the fabric of the bed sheet, the touch-sensitive alarm clock allows you to set or shut off the alarm without ever opening your eyes. Built-in speakers project the sound of music from the embedded radio so you can wake up to the news report or your favorite music station. Three control icons are embroidered on the sheet, enabling you to use each function as desired. The whole idea is to move your hand across the sheet’s surface to adjust the functions or feel the time. The clock components are made of silicone and impressed onto the sheet through a slat of EPS (electroactive polymer), which is activated by electricity. Once activated, the slat stretches and raises the silicone component, providing the imprinted numbers that can be felt on the clock. Now you can feel the time and decide whether or not to sleep longer. And, the silicone segment can be removed when you need to wash the sheets. Designer: Florian Schaerfer. via Yanko Design

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The Stella expandable and convertible table by Cecilia Olsson works best in small spaces. This charming table can convert from desk to dining table and back again, within seconds. The table bends and folds its way to suit your needs. If you need somewhere to place your laptop and do work, use the Stella. If you want more space at the table to entertain guests, expand the Stella. The table is ideal for small rooms but works just as well in larger rooms. It even factors in height adjustments, increasing height as a dining table but decreasing it as an office table. And, the Stella is light in weight and can easily be moved, made out of metal bars with a few screws, painted oak and laminate. Designer: Cecilia Olsson. via Yanko Design

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The space-saving furniture designed by Lucie Koldova presents multiple clever ideas for small spaces by combining fitness equipment with storage furniture. As a furniture unit, there are many shelves and compartments you can use to stack clothes. If you desire, you can also store books, photo albums and any other household item you think of. As a space saving fitness equipment, the unit permits a full body workout whenever you want. It comes equipped with multiple handlebars that allow for thorough stretching and pull-ups. Tone your muscles to perfection every morning, and then grab your work clothes from the storage shelf. There’s no need to buy weights; with resistance ropes and the built-in bars you can burn pounds, tighten the biceps or chisel the triceps. The items on this unit are characterized by geometric elements and simple primary forms. Check it out at Lucie Koldova.

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The High Fidelity canopy bed is an automated bed by Hi-Can that gives “comfort” a brand new meaning. This exclusive set comes fully loaded with functions and gadgets that will keep you happy, morning, noon or night. A specific control allows you to activate lighting blinds that close up, giving you the privacy that you deserve. If you’re not comfortable in bed, adjust the bedding controls, which move your bed into the-just-right position. The Hi-Can comes with a state-of-the-art sound system and a theatre screen that slides down to the foot of the bed. No need to leave home, you can have dinner and a movie in bed, or simply play the music that suits your mood. Plus, a built-in PC allows you to surf the web or do work while you relax. The Hi-Can canopy bed also boasts a full multimedia system with a game and entertainment console that connects to a projector and shows up on the theatre screen. This is truly a multifunctional bedroom. Visit Hi-Can.

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Italy’s Ozzio has put together a fabulous little collection of transformable couch tables, which go from casual coffee table to elegant dining table in a blink. Ideal for small urban lofts and cozy quarters where space is at a premium, these modern adjustable-height tables make multi-function fashionable. These innovative space-saving designs feature gas-lifted devices to raise the table to its desired height. The stylish Light, Rondo CR and Saliscendi table designs rise from 28cm to 84cm – and anywhere in between; while the Joge offers a height of 44cm or 76cm. Why spend your dough on two or three individual tables when you can get this fabulous all-in-one European design, which matches fashion and multi-function in one convenient, contemporary table. For details on these transformable table designs, visit Ozzio.

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Ideal for small or minimalist spaces where less is always more, this innovative folding writing table from Yomei truly is an amazing thing. The Magic Desk puts all your workplace necessities right at your fingertips. Use it as a writing desk or a computer station, with stylish storage for your files and desktop essentials. The smaller proportions suit your compact condo or city home to a T. And blending fashion with function, this clever folding writing table features a modern chrome frame and is covered in rich leather, bringing the look of luxury into your home office, bedroom, foyer, or wherever you get inspired to do your best work. This stylish and functional folding table is the recipient of the Red Dot Design Award. Check it out at Yomei.

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