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Crafted to durable perfection, this outdoor home office by OfficePOD reserves you the right to work in a convenient office setting anywhere around the home. This "back to the future" type home office can be placed in your garden or backyard with no worries of damage due to unpleasant weather. Space won’t be an issue, there’s enough for you to think outside the box, and enough to block out all distractions and jar your focus inside the box. You’ll experience a boost in your efficiency and productivity! Speedy construction is a by-product of the outdoor Office Cube thanks to its modular design. Due to its secure locking system, security is guaranteed, even when you’re away from the office. Now you’re probably wondering how you’ll gain access to the Internet. If you don’t have a wireless connection nearby, stress not, IT and phone connectivity can be cabled to give you web access. Power travels to the cube through a discrete and secure connection to the home or garage. For the eco-conscious consumers, the Office Cube maintains a low-energy consumption level while providing high levels of insulation, and a special cooling system. Check it out at OfficePOD.

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Flat is a coffee table that lifts up and becomes a computer or work table. In true European fashion, Italian home brand Ozzio is embracing multi-functional furniture and presents a really cool coffee table cum workspace. Combining contemporary style with cool comforts, this sleek table is an urban essential for any compact space. The versatile Flat features a chic, patterned-glass tabletop that lifts up on stilts transforming itself into a two-tiered table ideal for your computer or as a reading and writing space. Just pull up a seat and you’re ready to work. There’s even a storage space beneath for your desktop essentials. When the work is finished and its time to relax, simply lower the tabletop, sit back and relax! Check out this sweet coffee table by Ozzio. Now available with an optional LED Kit.

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This electronic touch-panel bath control by Viega puts spa-inspired comfort and convenience right at your fingertips – literally! Elegant in looks and practical in function, the Multiplex Trio E4 does away with obtrusive mechanical elements of products past with a sleek, glossy-black touch-panel design, integrating all your bath controls like water pressure and level, temperature, the hand-shower function, the drain, and four pre-programmable settings. With the simple touch of an icon, you can enjoy a customized bath. The controls are completely waterproof, protected by a layer of tempered glass, which can be mounted to the bathtub’s rim or the wall. The perfect bath is just a touch away. And if touch controls is not your thing or you don't like the rectangular shape, then there are two new round versions available - Multiplex Trio E2 and E3 - each a combination of two rotating knobs. They, too, are very intuitive and easy to use, and look sleek as well. For more info on these electronic bath controls, visit Viega.

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This cool lamp by Oligo is great for the decor enthusiast with a taste for change. The Trinity lamp features a trio of movable LED-illuminated panels, which can be rotated independently to achieve a variety of different looks – all modern. Align the panels horizontally, vertically or at a various angles and go from classic to contemporary to eclectic with ease. These contemporary lights on dimmers let you illuminate your home with both task and ambient lighting in one, making them ideal for the kitchen, dining area, living room and den. Choose from floor lamps and pendant lights in this trendy design. Suspended solo or in a group, these lamps make a stylish statement. For more info visit Oligo.

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Toy by Italian company Martinelli Luce blends innovation and fashion, art and function, table and lamp into one must-see combination. Designed by Milan-based Studio 4P1B, this lamp table combo offers ambient LED indirect lighting while also serving as a surface. Place it beside the sofa, in the home office, or in the bedroom as an unexpected twist on the bedside table – this table brings contemporary flair to any room in the home. And in small urban condos and compact homes, this two-in-one furnishing will be appreciated twice as much, freeing up floor space for other essentials. The Toy lamp features a white-lacquered metal frame and a translucent opal methacrylate “tabletop,” and also comes in a smaller model featuring the same interesting base but in a mini version. This cool LED lamp table combination is the recipient of the If Product Design Award 2011. Check it out at Martinelli Luce.

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The Ekokook futuristic kitchen by Faltazi is a complete water and waste management system that brings an innovative shift to the storage and processing of waste and liquid in your kitchen. Through an intricate, eco-friendly system you can reduce your ecological footprint and enhance the earth’s environment. This kitchen effectively turns each waste into a new resource and each drop of water into reusable liquid. Ekokook has three micro-plant systems that help to reduce the environmental footprint: microplant 1 used for solid wastes, microplant 2 used for liquid wastes and microplant 3 used for organic wastes. The kitchen has machines that use a small steel ball to break glass for the reduction of waste, a shredder to shred paper then turn it into briquettes, and an endless screw to crush cans and water bottles. A built-in double sink with a water reservoir and two pitchers that collect kitchen water helps you to recycle clean water by using it to water your flowers and plants. A filter also comes with the kitchen, allowing you to remove unclean particles. The water device can save up to 15 litres a day. Finally, the drum-shaped earthworm composter, which is a part of microplant 3, utilizes earth worms to break down organic wastes such as left-over’s, fruit and vegetable peelings, and scrapings. The futuristic Ekokook system will truly bring a healthy and appealing change to your kitchen as well as the community and world around you. Check it out at Faltazi.

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The Nitro Wall Climber NC51 by Smart Pool is a robotic cleaner for in-ground pools that will remove the dust, debris and remnants of nature that float around your pool. This smart robotic cleaner sweeps across the floor and walls, cleaning all areas beneath the waterline. Thanks to intelligent navigation, no amount of dirt can escape the NC51, which eliminates the 75% that gather across the floor and the remaining 25% that crowd the walls. The special design of this product allows for a wider cleaning range with 50% faster cleaning coverage. Increased suction enables the cleaner to successfully vacuum leaves, acorns, twigs and various types of debris. Although the NC51 is a lightweight product, weighing only 8.5 pounds, it packs heavy technology, possessing the ability to avoid obstacles and the misfortune of getting stuck. You can choose your preferred method of cleaning; the one-hour rapid clean or the three-hour systematic clean. Another great feature is that the NC51 cleans all surfaces, including tile, concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. When you’re ready to dispose of the dirt, you’ll find that the quick drain system, which allows for easy-lift removal comes in handy. Plus, this robotic cleaner is not only smart but friendly, eco-friendly, using 70% less energy than other pool cleaners. The NC51 has a 2 year limited warranty. Check it out via Smart Pool.

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The Tub-E electronic bathtub by Wild Terrain Designs presents comfort, style and luxury in the place you need it most – your bathroom. Offered in stainless steel or copper, this charming bathtub boasts a futuristic bucket design with comfortable seating and various adjustment options. A sturdy staircase, covered in perforated stainless steel, swivels around the electronic tub, allowing you to enter and exit your bathtub in fine style. The Tub-E also has a built-in heater placed under the seat, which enables you to set tub water to the perfect temperature. Pinhole LED lights are inserted into the outer edges of the bathtub, providing light at nighttime so that your bathing experience is always enjoyable. This multifunctional system includes an auto fill, auto empty and auto clean option, allowing you to do other things while you prepare for the bath of your dreams. You can also add a number of exquisite oils to the tub during its fill cycle. The Tub-E software provides one touch programming, making it easy for you to have the bath you desire on a daily basis. The tub is also eco-friendly, as it conserves water and reduces labor costs. Check it out via Wild Terrain Designs.

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The Easy Reader portable bookshelf by Nils Holger Moormann is a multifunctional composite of a mobile cart, bookshelf and bench. Its designed for sitting, reading, loading, reflecting and relaxing, and probably has other uses yet to be discovered. The Easy Reader balances itself on one wheel, giving the effect of an old-school cart, so you can load your books onto the bookshelf and roll it wherever you please. After an exhaustive day at work, grab a book, stretch out on the bench and read yourself into a peaceful mood. Made of sturdy birch plywood, the Easy Reader is able to take all of your weight and burdens and supply you with a refreshed state of mind. Whether reading, sleeping, or just meditating, this item has what it takes to meet your needs. Plus, the expansive bookshelf provides more than enough space for you to stack up your favorites. Relax and be free with the Easy Reader.

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With tremendous form and functionality, the new standing desk workstation - Laptop Tower LT - by Ursula Maier presents a clever way to maximize your work habits. This standing desk, appropriate for use at home or office, allows you to stand or lean while using your laptop. The innovative tower design of the LT helps you to work ergonomically. Its compact size also saves a lot of space, offering you more room to move around, and the convenience of filling the same work space with other pieces of furniture. Functioning as a laptop stand and a place to read write, or deliver business presentations from, the LT flexibly suits your needs. Due to its user-friendly capabilities, the desk can be adjusted to fit your reading posture. It comes with a lighted, pull-out laptop shelf with a mouse-pad, four shelves, and sockets to accommodate small printers and projectors. And, the LT receives its electricity from a single transparent cable that won’t cause clutter. The desk’s exterior is covered with an attractive blend of veneer and paint in different styles known as “veneer partitas”. Check it out at Ursula Maier.

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The new phosphorescent swimming pool by Atmosphere Piscines allows you to swim at night without burning electricity. A phosphorescent coating known as “gel coat”, covers the basin’s surface and retains solar radiation when the sun is out, then releases it at night as a source of light. This eliminates the need for pool lights that burn electricity night after night. It’s possibly the most energy-efficient approach to pool lighting the 21st century has seen. The released light will not hinder or affect the swimmer’s vision in any way. And, if you want, the phosphorescent coating can only be used in specific areas of the pool such as, the edge or the stair nosing. This allows you to see your way into and out of your pool when times are dark. The method of vacuum injection can be used to add the phosphorescent coating. This prevents the emission of dangerous organic compounds. Enjoy an eco-friendly swim with the phosphorescent pool.

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The Omeo remote water quality control by So-Blue sends you frequent updates regarding the quality and status of your pool water. This wireless remote system keeps you posted on a daily basis so you’ll never have to stand over your pool or dip your finger in the water to discover its conditions. With the wireless display, you can check the pH level and its acidity (0 to 7) or alkalinity (7 to 14); the conductivity and its water aging or salt level; the RedOx (reduction-oxidation reaction) with its disinfection concentration of chlorine and bromine; the water level and temperature; and the ultraviolet ray index and air temperature. The display tells you all you need to know and more. You can also use the Soft-Blue software, which can be downloaded free of charge for Omeo owners, and used to send emails with information about your pool. Just plug the remote display unit into a PC, via the supplied USB cable, and all of the data will appear on the screen. By adjusting the setting menus, you can organize the frequency, the alert limit or capacity and the email recipient list. You can also receive notifications via your iPhone or Blackberry since the unit is compatible with 3G phones. Omeo lets you know what’s stirring in your pool even when you’re away from home. Visit So-Blue.

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The futuristic stainless steel kitchen by Bautek brand offers a dynamic blend of aesthetic charm with long-lasting durability. From the sink to the stove, and everything in between, the kitchen is fully made out of 100% stainless steel. Not only will you receive the highest of quality, you’ll also benefit from the sophistication that these appliances come packaged with. Now, when you’re slicing and dicing vegetables over the kitchen counter, don’t fret if your knife accidentally slips off the cutting board and chops the countertop, stainless steel can withstand the harshest conditions. This exquisite kitchen keeps a fresh, clean look without much maintenance. It also carry’s a natural sheen that exudes aesthetic excellence. Flip your eggs or pancakes over a stainless steel stove that won’t get dirty easily. And, if dirt builds up in any spot, the clean up requires very little effort. It’s almost self-preserving. Plus, you will thoroughly enjoy the functionality enhancements that this kitchen has to offer. Visit Grupfrecan.

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With intriguing design and superior craftsmanship, the Aqualife automatic pool cover by MG International presents a stylish and durable way to cover your swimming poo. This innovative piece of equipment flaunts an aesthetically appealing design with various functions that make it more desirable, and can even be powered by solar. The covers can easily be installed and don’t require intense physical labor to do so - no drilling holes or adding attachments through the wall. These covers are designed to fit different styles and sizes of pools, whether liner or woodline pools, the Aqualife cover is compatible. A built-in alarm system from Sensor Espio helps to prevent pool accidents from turning into tragic events. The alarm system includes a powerful siren and a wireless indoor remote alarm that has a 100’ range. The Aqualife automatic cover also sports a new shape-cutting system with adjustable buttons and a storage model built above ground. These exclusive covers can be fitted to any shape. Aqua Life

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The telescopic pool enclosures by Inter Pool Cover Team (IPC Team) allow you to enjoy your swimming pool in the best and worst of weather conditions, and they look really cool and are easy to operate. "At any time you can slide the segments of the enclosure to either end and reveal the pool’s clear expanse of water." This transparent, telescopic enclosure provides year-round protection to your swimming pool. If it starts to rain while your taking a plunge, just activate the see-through enclosure and resume your swim. The system offers you clear and unobstructed views of your garden and surrounding areas. You’ll enjoy a clean and safe swim with a picturesque view of the nature existing in and around your neighborhood. The product comes with features that increase the enjoyment of your swimming pool. The enclosure has an Air Fresh system, which generates active ventilation to the covered area and creates the perfect atmosphere to swim in. There’s no need to stay inside while your pool covers up; thanks to these amazing telescopic designs, those days are gone. Visit Inter Pool Cover Team website or watch it in action ...

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